Growbox -50% BUNDLE by urban Chili

Growbox -50% BUNDLE by urban Chili
Growbox -50% BUNDLE by urban Chili

Why should I buy a second urban Chili Growbox?

We all love company, things that we enjoy.


Here is our suggestion:

Try a really cool lifestyle hobby with a friend. Urban farming is currently developing into a hype. And yes, I can understand it. The urban Chili LED Growbox has recently made it into Playboy.


Seeing the plants grow is just exciting. The biodiversity is enormous. You can always see new colors of flowers, fruits and experience new taste experiences.

There are hundreds of varieties that can be cultivated in urban Chili to premium plants.


Maybe you already have a friend or girlfriend in your head who also wants a premium stealth Growbox like urban Chili. It is interesting to exchange about the development of plants and varieties. With urban Chili everyone can achieve highly professional results.


With this action we would like to meet you with the price. If you order 2 urban Chili Growbox classic kits in our online shop. You get with the BUNDLE 2 urban Chili, the 2nd is 50% cheaper.


urban Chili LED Growbox short description


This LED Growbox fits almost any interior and is an absolutely cool lifestyle product.


urban Chili is also very energy efficient, the whole homegrow box needs only 166 W (0.166kWh) in full operation. A normal desktop PC consumes about the same. There is another comparison to a desktop PC, namely the volume. urban Chili is no louder than a pc.


The BUNDLE has everything integrated for 2 people. You just need more soil, seeds and fertilizer and let's go.


Due to the supplied tub and the Thon granulate, which acts as a membrane, it is possible to water only once a week. What makes short breaks and more comfort possible, without having to operate a hydraulic system with tank and pumps.


The urban Chili automatic LED Growbox complete set is optimally matched to each other. And was tested and improved over 1 ½ years.

We are a small team that really cares that you get a TOP product and are really excited about urban Chili and hobby botany. We would be very happy if you talk to your friends about urban Chili.


Many THANKS from the urban Chili team Developed in Austria / Tyrol


Here you can order the Growbox BUNDLE.