That's why the urban Chili Growbox

Why buy a Growbox complete?
Why buy a Growbox complete?

With an LED Growbox complete set you have compared to the outdoor cultivation controlled "environmental conditions" and the plants can be optimally supplied.

Why buy a Growbox complete?

It can not be concealed: on the market, there are plant cabinets from different manufacturers, which promise a comfortable and easy homegrowing. Whether that is always the case is an open question. But one thing is for sure: The LED Growbox complete set of urban Chili makes this pleasure possible. It is thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted to be almost foolproof. For this reason, beginners in amateur botany are just as convincing as real professionals who pull up the most demanding plants.

This is because urban Chili scrutinizes the demands of product design a plant cabinet has dealt with. He should look stylish and at the same time  technologically high quality. Its electronics should save energy and be durable, what about the LED lighting in this plant cabinet is possible. At the same time, a certain size is necessary, which is the model of urban Chili with dimensions of 16 x 24 x 47 inch (40 x 60 x 120 cm) owns. In this way, crops of various kinds can thrive excellently. Nevertheless, the grow cabinet is not so big that it dominates the entire room. Its door is lockable, which is why it can be ideally protected against unwanted hands and prying eyes. Since hardly any noise develops through the plant cabinet, he can even stand in the bedroom. Without a doubt: The urban Chili complete set is not an intermediate or emergency solution, but the solution when it comes to Growing in your own home!


Play it safe with the urban Chili Growbox complete set


With the urban Chili LED Growbox complete Set, every amateur botanist is sure to play it safe.


Point 1: The puristically designed plant cabinet is not noticeable in the interior. Harmoniously he inserts himself into the home and does not attract any prying eyes. Instead, it looks like a regular closet, where books, laundry, or other things might be stowed away. The closet door can be closed. Who would have thought it could be so stylish to cultivate plants in your own home!


Point 2: The first-class quality ensures that nothing can be done wrong with the Lifestyle LED Grow cabinet. All parts of the Growbox are carefully installed, which facilitates the application and reduces energy consumption. At the same time significant cost savings are possible, which are due to the longevity of the cabinet and the low electricity costs. The excellent product quality contributes to the fact that the LED Growbox is not perceived as a foreign body in the interior. He seems to merge with her. And another aspect in terms of quality is not negligible: It receives the fun of Growing!


Point 3: For beginners and passionate amateur botanists, the Growbox is suitable because it is a LED complete set especially for Growing. urban Chili has actually thought of everything in this complete system in order to immediately start cultivating the desired plants. Sources of error? Wrong! Without having to be fully informed in advance about the technical and structural requirements of a plant cabinet, can be dedicated to the actual growing. Important for the amateur botanist is only to deal with the claims of the desire plant. Everything else has already done urban Chili!


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