urban Chili - premium grow cabinet set - growbox for your profesional homegrowing

urban Chili - the premium - growbox

urban Chili grow cabinet is a complete set which disappears in your home

be independent with the urban Chili growbox
technical highlights

  • urban Chili optimized LED with COB chips 5920W/ft² (550W/m²)
  • LED is decoupled from growarea / Low Temp, 2 Area System ©
  • 6 x 3 layer carbonfilter in exhaust system ©
  • only 0,16 kW/h input
  • super silent and lockable
  • design elements are solid wood
  • dimensions:
    B=23,62in x T=15,75in x H= 47,24in
    B=60cm x T=40cm x H=120cm

The LED grow cabinet is optimally

tuned so that everyone can achieve
their proffesional indoor
homegrowing result.
you only need urban Chili,
seeds, potting soil,
fertilizer + water for your perfect



we love what we do

urban Chili smile

What does this grow set (growset - grow cabinet) of urban Chili, simply explain:

You get with urban Chili a high-quality growbox made of solid wood and veneer surface. Which is so attractive that the Playboy has reprinted it.

In this, all devices are processed very clean and coordinated. The urban Chili grow cabinet is a set that can turn anyone into an indoor professional. And only needs 166W.

You just need water, soil, seeds and fertilizer and there you go.

You can build between a kit with very simple instructions for yourself or choose the assembled urban Chili.

Brand new is a small edition of the nature line by urban Chili.

+ urban Chili - Growbox - starter - kit

+ urban Chili grow Cabinet - Growbox - starter - kit
urban Chili grow Cabinet - Growbox - starter - kit