Growbox  set by urban Chili for your profesional homegrow

be Independent with your own  premium Growbox

premium stealth Growbox
premium stealth Growbox

urban Chili automatic grow cabinet is a complete set which disappears in your home

Welcome to urban Chili!


Our Lifestyle LED GROWBOX is already cult. The practical and stylish greenhouse brings everything that is expected of an extraordinary piece of furniture like this one. Its interior is so thoughtfully designed that it can grow plants of all kinds. In this way, even the urban hipster in his far-off fifth-floor apartment can become a self-sufficient center in the center of a big city. Undoubtedly, the LED Growbox complete set of urban Chili goes with the trend.

Purism fuses with technology


Your own little farmer in his four walls would not like to one refrain from stylish look? No problem with this LED Growbox complete set. It inspired by a purist style that blends harmoniously into any interior and almost disappears in the room. The more striking is the interior. When the lockable door is opened, it reveals itself spacious plant cupboard for hobby botany with modern LED lighting.

This is not only hip and chic, but thanks to the LED technology are substantial Energy savings possible. The LED Grow Cabinet is an excellent example of sustainability in your own four walls. It helps to support a lifestyle that gives pleasure, trains a new awareness and makes an indirect contribution to environmental protection.

The love for cultivating plants can be lived out very well with the plant

cabinet of urban chili!

Simplicity, savings and first-class quality - core criteria of our Growbox system

Our LED Growbox complete set captivates by a fascinating simplicity, which accommodates every amateur botanist. After setting up the plant cabinet and connecting the LED lighting, only water, soil, fertilizer and seeds are needed. The big growing experience starts in your own home. It's that easy.

There is a lot of innovation behind the simplicity. The urban chili LED grow

box requires only 0.16 kW / h in full operation. This protects the Environment and the wallet!

Simplicity meets first-class quality

The excellent product quality reveals, among other things, the structure
of the plant cabinet. The Growbox is clearly designed and equipped with useful extras, with which the cultivation of plants is child's play. They include a wireless thermo-hygrometer as well as a digital timer. There are also three distribution boxes with main switch. The excellent quality of the urban Chili LED Growbox is also reflected in the excellent product processing and the Body with design elements made of solid wood and the veneered surface. So it's not surprising that this grow cabinet with LEDs even made it into the elite Playboy!

Growbox sale

-50% BUDDY BUNDEL, buy 2 urban Chilis and get -50% at the second one
-50% BUDDY BUNDEL, buy 2 urban Chilis and get -50% at the second one

urban Chili 1.2

Growbox LED update urban Chili 1.2
Growbox LED update urban Chili 1.2

The urban Chili Growbox received a small facelift on October 30, 2017. The LED is even better integrated in urban Chili.

+nature line

Brand new is also the urban Chili nature line. Which is available in small quantities at the beginning. 

be independent with the urban Chili growbox
technical highlights

  • urban Chili optimized LED with COB chips 5920W/ft² (550W/m²)
  • LED is decoupled from growarea / Low Temp, 2 Area System ©
  • 6 x 3 layer carbonfilter in exhaust system ©
  • only 0,16 kW/h input
  • super silent and lockable
  • design elements are solid wood
  • dimensions:
    B=23,62in x T=15,75in x H= 47,24in
    B=60cm x T=40cm x H=120cm
  • tub - water for 1 week
  • Radio Temp - Hygrometer
  • 4 Pots 6x6x7,9inch (15x15x20cm)
  • cray granules
  • 3 plug Adapter with main power switch

The automatic LED grow cabinet is optimally
tuned so that everyone can achieve
their proffesional indoor
homegrowing result.

we love what we do

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automatic LED Growbox Set Growschrank grow cabinet
automatic LED Growbox Set

you only need urban Chili,
seeds, potting soil, fertilizer + water for your perfect result

+ urban Chili - Growbox - starter - kit

+ urban Chili grow Cabinet - Growbox - starter - kit
urban Chili grow Cabinet - Growbox - starter - kit


Thank you for your interest, here you can buy the urban Chili LED Growbox.